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Capitalizing even

the most challenging projects.



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VantageCFO helps clients source both debt and equity capital.  We serve the real estate industry, entrepreneurs, and established businesses. Our market knowledge helps clients approach a variety of capital sources and identify the best strategic relationship for each specific deal.

We can guide you through the complex process of sourcing capital, whether from institutional investors, high net worth individuals, or commercial lenders.

Debt Placement Loans Include:

  • Permanent Mortgage Loans

  • Acquisition Loans

  • Development Loans

  • Construction/Permanent Loans

  • Mezzanine Financing

  • Bridge Financing

Equity Placement Sources Include:

  • Insurance Companies

  • Pension Funds

  • High Net Worth Individuals

  • REITs

  • Private Equity Funds

  • Hedge Funds

  • Venture Funds

"The goal is to make money, not to be right."

Ned Davis

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