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What We Do

Hire us to be your CFO.

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All organizations function better with efficient financial systems in place, solid reporting, and the sound financial oversight a CFO can provide. VantageCFO offers a part-time CFO solution so you get the benefits of CFO level experience at an affordable cost.

Our clients are small and medium sized businesses that need a better finance and accounting function. You may face challenges from recent market changes, rapid growth, M&A activity, or a need to restructure debt. Clients come to us for many reasons.


​The CFO role varies by organization depending on many factors, including company history, the characteristics of its industry, and the demands of senior management and financial stakeholders. We do not force a standard CFO model on our clients. Instead, we consult with our clients and help them identify current and ongoing CFO needs. We believe there is no “one-size-fits-all” job description, but there are some general principles that illustrate the characteristics of a great CFO and the value we can bring to our clients.

​Our approach is to work closely with your company, acting as an integral part of your management team.  We do not just serve as an adviser; we become a strategic partner to your management team and get to know your staff, all while building a passion and understanding of your business and industry.

"Management is doing things right;
Leadership is doing the right things."

Peter F. Drucker

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