Ensure financial statements are structured correctly and maintained accurately.

Accounting System Cleanup

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Process Improvement

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Period-end Close Management

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Other Accounting Services

The data in your accounting system is the foundation for good reporting and forecasting. No matter how bad your books are, we can help. The first thing we do with new clients is assess the structure of the general ledger and recommend improvements. The goal is to get financial statements current, clean, and accurate.

We conduct a review of your accounting processes and make recommendations to improve efficiency.  

  • Order processing

  • Invoicing

  • Receiving Payments

  • A/R Management

  • Time Tracking

  • Procurement

  • Vendor Invoice Processing

  • Vendor Payments

  • A/P Management

  • Employee Expense Reporting

The number one problem we see is a failure to close the books each month. We have developed a proprietary system to help us oversee the monthly close process for our clients. We work with your bookkeeper and make sure that all appropriate steps are taken to ensure you have timely and accurate reporting each month.

As part of our accounting oversight we help make sure the company books are ready for tax prep, including making sure that K-1s and 1099s get distributed. In addition, we help some of our clients manage an annual audit or review process. If there is something specific to your company or industry, let us know, we can help.

Need Bookkeeping Services?  We do not typically offer bookkeeping services but we can help connect you to a good source. Contact us for more information.

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Reports that deliver the "so what" and answer key questions critical to the business.

Financial Statement


We deliver a package of financial statement reports each month, including the Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement. These reports are produced after the accounting monthly close process is complete. 

KPI Reporting

You need more than just financial statements to to manage your business. We can develop reporting to communicate performance indicators in all areas of your business. The goal is to get the right data in the right hands so managers can make informed decisions.

Actuals vs Budget

This is a budget to actual variance analysis. We prepare a report to help you study actual performance as compared to the budget over a given period of time. This report gets included in the monthly reporting package along with the standard financial statements.

Data Analysis

We love data and use Tableau as our business intelligence system of choice. If you have data from multiple systems, we can produce reporting that cross references that data to provide insights that would otherwise be inaccessible.

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Study the road ahead with advanced proforma development and cash flow forecasting.

Proforma Development

A good proforma can be invaluable to your company. We have a proven system for proforma development. Our models are detailed and forecast a full set of financial statements for the life of the business/project. The final product is a financial model that can be used to run sensitivity analysis on key assumptions, show return on investment, and help leadership make informed decisions. Our models are best-in-class for raising both debt and equity capital. Contact us to see examples.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Cash is king! It is important to monitor cash regardless if you are in a strong cash position or a distressed cash position. We provide clients with a weekly cash report. Our report shows cash in real dollars and the KPI of cash as a multiple of average monthly operating expenses. This provides management with insight into exactly how much runway the business has in the bank. 

Budget Process


Almost every company desires to have a budget but few actually prepare one each and every year. We include budget planning as a critical step in the yearly Finance & Accounting team activities. We have developed an efficient budgeting tool and we guide clients through the process so that reporting can include budget variance analysis.


A strategic partner to your management team, helping to improve your finance and accounting function.

Availability for Finance & Accounting Questions

As a VantageCFO client, you have access to our team to ask any and all finance and accounting questions when you need help.

Meeting Participation

It is not uncommon for clients to ask us to participate in board meetings and other management meetings. We provide an independent viewpoint and outside experience that can be very useful to your leadership team.

Oversee Accounting Staff

Our clients typically have a controller or bookkeeper on staff or outsourced. We provide oversight of accounting personnel to ensure the books are kept clean, current, and accurate.

Manage Investor Relations

Investor relationship management can be a hassle. Regular reporting, tax documentation, and fielding of questions can take significant time. We have experience managing large groups of investors, including cap table and legal document management. 

Strategic Support

A good CFO is part of the strategic planning process. We help clients study strategic options. Our job is to provide insights through data so your leadership team can make informed decisions.

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Get access to financing sources for debt and equity suitable to your business or project.

Pitch Deck Development

A good pitch deck can make or break the capital raise effort. We work to understand your business model and prepare materials that communicate your value proposition, market opportunity, team capabilities, return on investment, etc. Contact us to see examples.

Debt Capital Sourcing

We have strong relationships with regional and national lenders. Our job is to help clients present an attractive opportunity and source multiple financing options. Not every deal falls in a perfect box for conventional lenders. We work with clients and lenders to structure financing in a way that makes sense to both parties. 

Equity Capital Sourcing

We have experience raising equity capital for start-ups and real estate projects. We can help your team manage the equity raise process and/or we can facilitate introductions to potential sources of equity for your specific investment opportunity.

All organizations function better with efficient financial systems in place, solid reporting, and the sound financial oversight a CFO can provide. VantageCFO offers a part-time CFO solution so you get the benefits of CFO level experience at an affordable cost.

Our clients are small and medium sized businesses that need better financial management. You may not have the right experience on your team or you may face challenges from recent market changes, rapid growth, M&A activity, or a need to restructure debt. Clients come to us for many reasons.​