Proforma Development

A good proforma can be invaluable to your company. We have a proven system for proforma development. Our models are detailed and forecast a full set of financial statements for the life of the business/project. The final product is a financial model that can be used to run sensitivity analysis on key assumptions, show return on investment, and help leadership make informed decisions. Our models are best-in-class for raising both debt and equity capital. Contact us to see examples.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Cash is king! It is important to monitor cash regardless if you are in a strong cash position or a distressed cash position. We provide clients with a weekly cash report. Our report shows cash in real dollars and the KPI of cash as a multiple of average monthly operating expenses. This provides management with insight into exactly how much runway the business has in the bank. 

Budget Process Management

Almost every company desires to have a budget but few actually prepare one each and every year. We include budget planning as a critical step in the yearly Finance & Accounting team activities. We have developed an efficient budgeting tool and we guide clients through the process so that reporting can include budget variance analysis.