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VantageCFO delivers a scalable alternative for companies that need CFO level experience but are not ready to hire a full-time CFO.  We can fill the void in your finance function and business intelligence team.

Experienced advisers.

Real-world corporate finance experience tailored to the needs of the small and medium sized business.

Trusted to deliver.

Not just another seat at the table, we get in the weeds and execute to produce the insights and work product you need. 

Affordable solutions.

We offer a clear value proposition--get the financial acumen you need for less than the cost of hiring a full-time CFO.


Characteristics of a good CFO

by Ray DeLaughter

  • Has insight into what drives the numbers

  • Establishes and explains meaningful metrics that add value

  • Has an integrated and comprehensive understanding of the business

  • Interprets and sees opportunities in complexity and ambiguity

  • Navigates risk with prudence and courage

  • Thinks like an investor


PE firm hires VantageCFO to consolidate financial models

Industry:  Real Estate​

Portfolio Investments:  > 20

Key Challenge:  Consolidated reporting

Solution:  Implementation of Tableau to consolidate reporting in one solution


“We developed a successful business model and were looking for growth opportunities. VantageCFO helped us develop an aggressive strategy and has been a significant part of our expansion efforts. We are extremely excited about the long-term relationship that has developed with VantageCFO.”

Paul Ragsdale, Owner

Cypress Assisted Living, LLC

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Austin, Texas


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